We Help your Veterinary
pathology Practice
run smooth and easy so you can do great work

There's no way around it: pathology is hard work - and that's all the more reason you shouldn’t have to worry about the minutiae of operations. We empower pathologists to grow their practices by making their workflows easy so they have more time and energy to focus on doing great work. 

We make it easy to...

Manage Workflows
Report Findings
Invoice & Get Paid
Explore Your Data 

Easy for you AND for your clients

The reality is that pathologists can get bogged down By a lot of wasted, inefficient work

Any of these sound familiar? 

Hours spent answering questions & giving basic updates

How many hours do you and your staff spend simply answering basic updates like "where is my case at?", taking orders for add on testing, or even trying to track down answers to questions about a sample in processing, playing phone tag, and spinning wheels? We've been there and know the feeling.

Time for a better way to communicate the basics.  

With Z Rex, utilize the client portal, case-status reporting, automated client updates, and in-portal messaging to ensure questions are answered and everyone knows where things are at. 

Copying & Pasting, patching together lab management with a dozen office software tools 

 Many labs and practices are stuck using a hacked-together set of applications and tools to get the job done.  A copy/paste hell in most cases. 

You may have looked for solutions but seeing that there was nothing there for you, continue using a patched together system of word documents, excel spreadsheets, pdf conversions and emailing or faxing (e-fax or worse yet, printing and faxing manually!), a folder system of organizing reports, and then manually creating the invoices for billing... ad nauseum.  

This brings back PTSD just typing it... I must now meditate, relax and remember that Z Rex is saving us from this.

Failed attempts with other LIMS or even building a custom solution

Everyone who has attempted either a custom or out of the box solution has a nightmare story to share. We talk to people who spent all of their startup money and more on a custom solution that went sideways and never even launched. Some businesses never get off the ground because they are stopped by these software issues before they even start.

Other pathologists waste time working in inefficient systems that take them away from doing their most valuable work and therefore limit the growth of their business, their impact, their income, and their enjoyment of their work.

AND to boot, the options out there - even if they didn’t suck - cost too much to get into.

Cases & components fall through the cracks

We've all been there... you get a call about a case and everyone looks at each other blankly wondering where that case is at or how it isn't already done! Stuff sometimes just slips through the cracks (especially when heavy manual effort is involved and too much is simply kept in the ol' noggin).  

Delayed payments and forgotten invoices

Delays in sending invoices and no solid method of following up on invoices have caused more financial burden than is necessary. The work is there, done and simply needs to be paid for promptly; but far too often, invoices are late being sent - let alone being paid - and often fail to be sent altogether! That sounds like a quick way to go bankrupt and yet happens far too often.  (Once again, speaking from experience 😭)

Difficult (if not impossible) to dig into your past work

If you've been practicing for a while, you likely have a treasure trove of case material that is invaluable - whether to follow up and learn from your cases, for research purposes, or even to optimize future work, track trends, and more.  Yet, this rich history is often extremely difficult, if not impossible to sift through, sort, and view in any productive way.  

And yet, there is a way... finally! Z Rex Analyzer and Reporting gives you simple search tools and summary analysis views to easily gain insight from the trove.

Audit trails are a mess, if they even exist

An issue arises and you need to figure out where the breakdown occurred. Well, just check the audit trail on the case!! if it existed, that would be a good idea.

Oh, you do have one?! great! but... half the team is using the same user access for convenience and cost savings so... its completely inaccurate. Back to square one... 

Time for a solution that is both easy to use and cost effective.  Every user gets their own access (often at zero additional cost) AND the quick-access features allow easy login/logout with a simple pin (no need to fully log out, just quick-lock and pin access back in as needed. 

Other "Solutions" Don't Really Solve Much

  • Most are built for human labs with human needs and regulations (apparently "species" isn't as important for humans, go figure...)
  • Many are legacy solutions with years of "franken-building" and outdated architecture
  • Most are not built by the practitioners who use them but by bigger software groups and departments - disconnected from the workflow realities of the lab and pathology reporting.
  • And these solutions are just flat-out expensive - even if they were awesome, they are cost-prohibitive

Are you tired of this?

When a lot of the work involved in reporting a case is extraneous, time-wasting, clumsy administrative work that doesn’t have anything to do with pathology, it really limits how many cases a pathologist can read, and therefore, how many patients they can serve. It also just kind of sucks and melts your brain to deal with inefficient systems (or non-systems), needing to break up your flow and stop doing the work that you enjoy and that helps patients and generates revenue for your business, and instead do things like chase down an errant sample or report, call a shipper about an overcharge or refund due, or make and send invoices so you can get paid for all your hard work.

Smiling scientists looking at camera arms crossed in laboratory

are you Ready for this?!

You have smart, efficient, purpose-designed systems and processes - all supported and reinforced by the right LIMS - that really take your practice to a higher level, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the parts you're passionate about - where you create the most value - and on delivering high-quality pathology.

there is hope

Z Rex delivers the goods

Who is this Z Rex? Some sort of prehistoric creature?

Z Rex was born directly in a Veterinary Pathology practice and lab, right next to specimens of birds and bees. We are led by an accomplished team dedicated to solving real-world business challenges in vetpath specifically.

Hello there!

An unrivaled client experience

Easy-to-use client portal for simple case submissions
Easy communication between staff and clients
Automatic updates and notifications for clients

CLient Experience

More money... less work!?

Automatic case billing and tracking
Integration with QuickBooks
easy exports, and direct billing options

Better billing

The smoothest, easiest-to-follow workflow

Customizable workflows with best practices built right in
No question on what needs to be done
Integrate transcription, voice notes, keyboard-shortcuts
"Quick pin" easy log-in/out for better individualized experience and audit-trail accuracy


Automatic Sample shipping! What does that even mean!?!

Fully automatic shipping & courier management including label printing, billing, tracking, reporting and more. You don’t even have to manage a shipping account if you don’t want to with it baked right in. 

shipping - logistics

Small lab? Big lab? No lab?! All good… 

Each piece can be set up to manage workflows when some or all of the lab work is outsourced as well as when it's all in house - and this can change as you do, so you never outgrow it!

You also don’t lose functions and audit trail when outside parties are helping to read cases or process samples - outsource any step, manage locums & rotating team members all the right access at the right time. 

Options for all

Reporting: Put on the swim trunks, time to dive deep into your data 

With the ability to slice, dice, sort, filter, and just simply explore your data, you can find insights to bigger questions from office performance to pathology trends with ease. 


Use what you need,
drop what you don’t

Thanks to the customizable nature, you don’t need to be bogged down by features you don’t want or need. Drop them out of sight and off your bill.

just right


For Workflow Nirvana

How to work with us - 
The Path to Pathology Nirvana

Step 1

no-obligation discovery 

Step 2

Workflow & needs review

Step 3

Straight-to-the-point Proposal

First, learn what it takes

Ready to learn a bit more? Well it all starts with a chat - no obligation, just information and exploration... and other "tion" words. If you like what you hear and see, we can take a closer look at your work needs and get you a specific proposal with exactly what you need an nothing you don't. 

You like it? We move to the next phase... 

Step 4

Setup & buildout 

Step 5

Training & Mastery

Step 6

Hit the ground running

Then... we become workflow besties

We will lay out the plan and get it built. We will make sure everyone is trained and has access to all the additional on-demand training they will ever need (including a lot to elevate your teams mad skills beyond the software use). 

You will see measurable improvements in your practice, including your ability to track specific metrics around all your shit in the first place!

Ready? Take the first step...

Schedule Your No-Obligation Discovery Chat

Not quite ready to chat yet? 

No worries, maybe checkout our on-demand interactive walkthroughs
to get a feel for it all without scheduling or chatting with anyone

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like Z Rex, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your setup. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

See what Z Rex can do for your lab!

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