Z Rex offers veterinary diagnostic practice management software - or "Lab Information Management Systems" for veterinary diagnostic professionals. We have solutions for anyone from independent pathologists without a lab to large state and university run labs.  

Z Rex was born directly in a Veterinary Pathology practice and lab, right next to specimens of birds and bees. We are led by an accomplished team dedicated to solving real-world challenges in vet path specifically.  

 Welcome to 

Z Rex 

So what's with the name? 

We like dinosaurs. We also like oxymorons (better than regular morons)... and fast cars. ZRex is a made-up, highly evolved dinosaur, a cross between Zupaysaurus and T rex, resurrected and spliced with the dna of cutting edge tech - so not a real dinosaur, and definitely not a “dinosaur” 

What we are all about?

Our mission is to expand access to high-quality pathology by eliminating the obstacles and fear surrounding the operations & logistics of running a lab. 

We eliminate the wasted efforts required for operational logistics - free up the team for high-quality pathology. 

  • Clear Communication
  • Simplicity 
  • Autonomy 
  • Challenge the Status Quo


Meet Our Leadership


Billy Bush



Dr. Jen Ward



Jordan Bush


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